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BBC, the Barbarians and their beliefs and practices

BBC, the Barbarians and their beliefs and practices

Saturday night into Sunday morning, two males and two females jumped in a taxi from a popular city location. Their destinations were Sydney’s eastern suburbs. From the driving skill and attitude they recognised the driver is an above average one. To make it worse he was listening to the BBC radio. The conversation between the driver and passengers commenced cordially then erupted in a competitive atmosphere!

Passenger: Aha, you are listening to BBC radio!
Driver: Yes, you know the old story with the BBC?
Passenger: Keep going.
Driver: The BBC radio started with two transmitters and in the German language so as to propagate British propaganda.
Passenger: And then?
Driver: They are now trying to present themselves as a serious organization.
Passenger: And you think otherwise!
Driver: Yup! While I was young I used to think the BBC was a great media outlet but now I found out they are the British Bullshit Corporation. I suspect the average person can’t recognize that.
Passenger: Please give us an example sir.
Driver: You see they have been saying that the former or reelected Iranian President said that he wanted to destroy Israel. I have been searching and found no evidence in support of such a claim. They also said, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech at the United Nation’s Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia was full of hate. Some countries went on to walk out of that conference because of his speech. A Google search will show the result of the same speech generates totally false and misleading information. A carefully concealed context of the speech and many other creative spins have failed to stop the public support of the President. Yet, the Zionised Andrew Bolt and Zionist Alan Gold hit below the belt on this subject. But now the media outlets are trying to undermine Mr. Mamud Ahmadi-Nejad recent election victory tonight.
Passengers: May be the media outlets are right.
Driver: I don’t think so.
Passenger: I like his plan to obliterate Israel.
Driver: No I don’t like anything that resembles that thinking or is close to that plan, I love peace.
Passenger: Why?
Driver: You punch me, I’ll get a knife, you will get a gun, I’ll get a machine gun, …. Where does it stop? The peaceful way is a good way.
Passenger: Where are you from?
Driver: (who smelled a rat in the question) India.
Passenger: (demandingly) Where in India?
Driver: Calcutta (with an anticipation of a question like, “what is your religion” to box him in a particular corner).
Two lady passengers shouted then, “wooden spoon”.
Driver: Ouch, I am shutting up.
Passenger: You see, Ahmedinezad, Hitler, Stalin, …they should be in the one room, ….. .
The driver was ready to add the names of Netanyahu, Peres, Sharon, … but he refrained from adding them.
Passenger: You see, violence is good some time. Within the next two months, in one morning that Nezad will find out Iran is to be nuked by Israel and rightfully so.
Driver: I don’t think so as none of us have got the right to take the law into our own hands.
Passenger: You see, the Muslims and Arabs only understand that kind of language (he was shaking with anger).
Driver: I will keep myself out of this discussion because I do no support violence.
Passenger: Tell me why Muslims like
72 virgins?
Driver: What do you know about the
Jews of Masada, Sicarii and Zealotry?
Passenger: We have won many wars.
Driver: Only the weak and wicked talk about war. I like free and robust discussion.
Passenger: You are having it now.
Driver: One fellow wanted to outlaw discussion about sex, religion and politics in taxis! We defeated him and later he ended up as the Chief of Staff of John Howard, now he is heading one section of the worldwide Mac Bank Empire.
Passenger: Do you think
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or whatever is a hero?
Driver: No, I have offered a reward if anyone can prove, “
Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he wanted to destroy Israel”.
Passenger: Do you want me to accept the challenge?
Driver: Please by all means.
Passenger: Do you watch the news?
Driver: Do you men the Foxy news?
Angry Passenger: You see, we Jews not only kill people, we also give tips. Put ten dollar extra (with an arrogant voice).
Driver: You see the Israel/Palestine conflict is not a conflict of religion. It is a conflict of land. So, please keep the religion out of this equation. By the way, do you have a map of Palestine and Israel as well as a peace plan?
Passenger: We should nuke the Arabs and Muslims.
Driver: Please don’t forget Karma! What goes around comes around.

P.S. Many part of this conversation have been edited out for space and relevance.
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