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May the president please inform the committee

May the president please inform the committee

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May the president please inform the committee on what the situation really is in regards to these perilous accusations, Am sure some of as have been waiting for some sought of an explanation in defense towards such brutal allegations and nothing as of yet, a response may have been unnecessary after faruque's posting, and understandably so with no disrespect to him but I thought it was consistent with his usual characteristics and hence shelved any concern whatsoever.

However, Ted is now alleging the same thing, and I quote Ted is alleging", so therefore it will seem careless and irresponsible on the part of the committee for these very serious claims to vanish without ample investigation which should be followed by a very tangible clarification of what has actually transpired.

Also if these allegations are found to be false the committee has to decide on some sought of a punitive measure which should then hopefully deter future aspirants in the category of making false allegations, however if it emerges that there is some truth in these allegations that should also be taking seriously by the committee in the same respect, because the presidency is what should be protected and no individual, all other battles personal chemical or nuclear should be fought outside NSWTDA battle fields, because I would imagine we have enough on our hands already in much more serious and worthwhile conflicts.

Furthermore, we should all refrain from employing these very detrimental tactics, there should be no place in the NSW TDA for such things, because I particularly have been silenced to a degree as a result of these concerns where am unable to fully say with confidence what I want to say for the fear of espionage because in such an environment with all the almost daily fracas it quiet hard to work out who work for who. We work with some serious organization's and it will be foolish to discount their power, and at the moment I need my license and do not want it tampered with because some of as don't have the capability to fight anything in the courts or the U.N.



Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Reply to Ted's re; ratbag

Congratulations Trevor ,

you have retracted that false and highly misleading email of yours in which you wrongly claimed that the NSW TDA represented Plate Owners.

We do NOT !

The NSW TDA represents ONLY Bailee drivers, Lessee drivers and Owner drivers.

Through the Networks and CCN and the Taxi Council Ltd the Plate Owners/Investors are leeches that contribute nothing to the taxi industry and for years have screwed operators and drivers financially by unilaterally raising weekly lease fees whenever it suits them.

The NSW TDA opposes these leeches that screw drivers and operators.

Whereas the owner drivers that the NSW TDA represents also carry all the other costs of operating a taxi and doing the hard graft of running and driving a taxi.

With reference to the current very important debate (and test of the TDA !) concerning the new Gov’t Plate Leasing policy, Trevor originally claimed that :

“ Also we represent Bailees Lessees and Plate Owners, that is in the constitution too, and even on the Letterhead.”

Trevor now admits that

“I do take your semantic point, in that I could have used the Term, as quoted, `Owner Drivers' in the constitution.”

and states that

“ I dislike Investor Owners, and I would like speculators and investors to be taken out of the equation of the Taxi Industry.”

and that

“I started the NSWTDA to combat those very investors and leeches, … “

Well done, Trevor, in making a most fundamental correction !

BTW Trevor, there is no need to make an exception for the “inheritors, that is, widows of former working taxi drivers” who own a Plate. They are OK because they can sell the Plate and instead invest in property or shares or a bank deposit if they so wish, like everyone else lucky enough to have $400,000 of investment.



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To all committee members'

I am very disappointed to see personal attacks appearing on this Exec site. The whole idea of Exec is for committee members to communicate committee business in a confidential manner. It further disappoints me to hear non-committee persons (including non NSWTDA members) discussing posts that have been leaked from Exec. For these reasons I refuse to make further posts on this site untill such time as I am convinced that confidentiality and respect are restored.

It is also extremely sad for me to see our Secretary, Faruque, chooses to air his frustrations and personal convictions on the Exec site. Whilst there is absolutely no doubt that Faruque is a staunch fighter for Taxi reform his methods and mixed up ramblings do nothing to endear him to others. Many leaders in our industry consider him to be unapproachable, unstable and single minded. (in fact they often use more colourful words) They refuse to meet with him and ask that he not be brought to group discussions. Unfortunately his reputation is not helping the NSWTDA. However, having said that, I acknowledge that he was instrumental in having the recent plate issue turned into a Parliamentary inquiry. In the past I have supported Faruque, however I am not sure that I will do so in the future. His personal attacks on me make it extremely difficult to work with him. Perhaps his personal convictions and talents would be better suited to a position other than Secretary. This issue must be addressed at the earliest possible oportunity.

I also propose that our last committee meeting for the year be held on Wednesday 2nd. December 2009.


Trevor and Committee members,