Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vinnomot Hypocrites

Vinnomot Hypocrites

People of vinnomot do not believe in free speech. Under the guise of free speech they insult Arabs and Muslims. It is like Legs are NOT Open for Business

The illustrious Prime Minister of Australia misused and abused anti-Terror legislations and conspired a strip search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk to make Israel happy. He has used the same trick with the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and still Michael is kicking arses for this incidence.

Philip Ruddock, the filthy Attorney General of Australia `virtually' asked his daughter to open her legs for Israeli child molester for power as demonstrated in credible links of Legs are Open for Business.

Links of Legs are Open for Business demonstrate these disgusting acts! Surprise! Surprise, mighty government of Australia got so much respect for free speech, now this blog is under attack.

However, the same government encourages anti-Muslim and anti-Arab filths of all kind, under the guise of free speech like those hypocrites of Vinnomot!

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